4 Ways to Maximise Returns on GrabPay Card

About a year ago, I was working with an events company. And it being an events job, there were times I ended work way past office hours. So whenever that happens, I’m allowed to take a cab/Grab home. At that point in time, I wasn’t using Grab a lot, but it was like a “LIGHT BULB” moment for me!!

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So yeah, I started accumulating the points and soon I was at the Platinum tier! It was as if this whole thing was a GrabPay Card challenge itself. If you’re not sure what the tiers are, here it is:

Source: Grab SG

Okay so this back story led to me using Grab more as feel it is quite worth it to accumulate the points, and then redeem the rewards for me to use more and get more points. It’s just an endless cycle of spending, which I’m really not a fan of. So I sought out to find how I can use this system better.

I love to play games. I love when there is a rule that I have to follow, and it makes me think of ways to win by playing it. So the game I’ve been playing is the Grab game. The game of accumulating points and redeeming rewards. So today, I’m here to share with you on How I Use GrabPay Card to Maximise Returns.

Pay Household Bills

I don’t like spending on things unnecessarily. I spend if I need to. And one thing that everyone (or every family that is) needs to spend on is their household bills. And most people probably pay it with bank transfer or debit card. However, you can use your GrabPay Card to pay for them. For me, I have been using the GrabPay Card to pay for our Utilities and Telco bills.

For Utilities, the SP Power App allows you to use Debit/Credit card. For Singtel and M1, its online website allows you to use Debit/Credit card. So both of these are great!


If you are using another service provider, you can try to check if they allow something similar. If not, it’s not a big of a deal. Just find something else to pay!

Note: If you are already using a credit card that earns more than 0.8% rebate/cashback, continue using it. This is because Grab Points give you a return rate of about 0.7% to 0.8%. You can understand better looking at the chart below:

Source: MileLion

Use the Physical Card at Physical Shops

Another thing I use GrabPay for is when I go out, using the physical card. This could be at a restaurant, or even buying groceries! They usually don’t have the Grab QR code thingy that you could scan to pay with. But most shops have a Debit/Credit card reader. So that’s neat!

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One thing I don’t do is that I won’t use it if I’m buying something below $10. I don’t like having balance in my Grab Wallet (because you can’t withdraw it) and the minimum top up amount is $10. So if I were to buy something $5, there would be a balance of $5. My OCD just doesn’t like it HAHAHA.

Complete Challenges

So we have talked about what you can use the GrabPay Card on. Let’s move on to what you can do to increase the points rewarded per dollar spent.

Challenges really sounds like some kind of game, so I love it! Basically, once in a while, Grab will release a challenge where by you need to complete a certain task. And of course this task revolves around using their services, be it using GrabPay, take Grab rides, or buy food through GrabFood. And the most recent one is the GrabPay ower Up. In total, it wants you to spend $1,000 online. Here’s a summary:

Source: Grab SG

By completing these challenges, you could increase the returns of using GrabPay Card up to 4.4%! So it’s kinda worth it if you use GrabPay to pay for things you would have spent anyway.

Halfway through this challenge, I’ve kinda lost out to Tier 3 already. There were limited number of “winners”. Paying for the household bills, I’m already about 1/5th through Tier 2. Hope I will be able to get that extra 5,000 points!

Redeem Discounted Rewards

What to spend on, and how to receive more points. Now we will move on to the last part! This is getting more with less. Essentially, we are reduceingthe amount of points you use to redeem the rewards! Sometimes Grab will give “discounts” on their rewards. It looks something like this:

Source: My Grab App
As you can see, they are giving a discount of 40% on the rewards. If we were to calculate the returns by redeeming these, the returns will increase from 0.8% to 1.33%. It’s a little increase, but it’s still an increase!
Note: Sadly, when I went to screenshot the image, the $10 Grab ride coupons are sold out LOL I should have just gotten it when I could hais…

EXTRA: What You Shouldn't Do To Collect Points

Using the GrabPay Card to pay for necessities to collect points is a good thing. Using it to buy unnecessary things just to collect points is just a big NO NO! Don’t go around buying random shoes, bags or clothing just to collect the points. It will defeat the purpose of you trying to maximise the returns. It will just make you spend more!

Source: Tenor.com

Closing Words

Grab can be a great thing if you use it purposefully. But if you Grab everywhere you go even if you don’t need it, then it can be a dangerous thing!! (cos you will spend a lot). Like I said at the start of this post, I see this as a game of trying to win as much as I can. And so far I’m loving it! If you’re not one to spend time figuring out the points stuff, by all means. Honestly you won’t lose out much. But if you would like to give it a try, do the things I have stated in the post above and I promise you will find some satisfaction and fun out of this. Enjoy!